Induction Stove Vs Gas Stove: Which Is Better For You?

While planning to move and thinking of upgrading your cooking appliance, a question that always comes to mind is induction stove vs gas stove and which cooking appliance should I buy – induction stove or gas stove.

Even if you are not sure whether go for an induction cooktop or to retain cooking on the old gas stove, then this informative article is for you.

In this article, we will introduce you about gas stoves and induction cooktops along with their pros and cons that will help you weigh your decision.

So, before making any decision about induction stove vs gas stove, you must know that both ways of cooking have their advantages and disadvantages. 

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Induction Stove Vs Gas Stove

Now we will discuss all the differences between a gas stove and an induction cooktop in a detailed format. after that, you will get your answer of induction stove vs gas stove very clearly. This section will clarify all your doubts related to the gas stoves or induction cooktops. Here we will talk about all the pros and cons of the gas stove and induction cooktop in detail. It will help you to clarify all the major points about these cooking machines.

Gas stoves and induction are good in their way. Gas stoves can be dangerous if not used carefully. Carelessness while using a stove can even lead to disasters like your whole place burnt down. When we see an induction cooktop, it’s comparatively safer but everything has its pros and cons.

Some people might find induction stove a little difficult under circumstances such as frying or anything which requires constant temperature change. The gas stove’s initial investment is high but in long term is very affordable whereas we see an induction it works on electricity making it very expensive.

induction stove vs gas stove

Usually not so professional cooks prefer gas stoves instead of induction cooktop because it makes their cooking process smoother and easier for instance when we cook there are times when there is a need for constant temperature change in gas stoves all you need to do is turn the knob and adjust the flame accordingly the moment you move the knob temperature changes immediately whereas with induction you need to wait for the temperature to rise or fall. This is the main reason usually stoves are preferred more.

What is a Gas Stove?

A gas stove is a cooking appliance that uses inflammable gases as a source of fuel. These stoves are very common in every Indian household. These stoves are very easy to use. Hence, many professional chefs also prefer using gas stoves for cooking rather than any other type of appliance.

What is an Induction Cooktop?

An induction cooktop is a cooking appliance that uses electricity as a source to generate heat for cooking. It uses magnetic induction technology rather than using inflammable gases like gas stoves.

Benefits of Gas stove

Electricity Not Required

The basic difference between a gas stove and induction is that a gas stove doesn’t require electricity, whereas induction cannot function without electricity. For using a gas stove all you need to make sure is that your cylinder is filled with gas. If someday you are at home and suddenly the power goes off and you are hungry you didn’t have to worry because you have your stove to rescue you. Also, you do not have to worry about your electricity bill going up.

Lower Heat Emission

Gas stoves are made in such a way that it is heat efficient. If we talk about induction, cooking becomes difficult here because it heats the surroundings very quickly and then standing and cooking becomes a tiring job. Whereas the gas stove emits less heat and the environment cools down immediately after switching it off.

High Speed

The gas stove cooks the food slightly faster than induction. You do not have to wait for a utensil to heat up and then start cooking as you have to do on induction. You can instantly start cooking after you switch the gas stove on. It makes sure that the food is cooked uniformly.

Precise Temperature

You can always control the temperature of your gas as per your requirements. For example, you want to saute the onion at low flame then you simply have to switch on the gas and adjust the flame to low. But in an induction stove, changing temperature is time taking and not instant.


The gas stove is way more durable than any induction because it does not require anything like sophisticated buttons or anytime. Any cookware can be used here while cooking. The gas stove is waterproof and shock-resistant whereas induction isn’t. Moreover, research shows that a gas stove works without any major problem till 15 years, which is a huge time.

Drawbacks of a Gas Stove


The biggest drawback is that you have to keep changing the cylinder each time after emptying the previous one. You always need an expert to fix it and make sure everything is fine and safe to use. This in some case is also not so budget-friendly and nerve- wrenching as gas stove are expensive as well as the fuel used is also expensive. In this case, induction fits in perfectly because it doesn’t require any fuel but electricity.

High Risk

We require a liquid fuel cylinder to cook on the stove. So we need to be extra cautious every time we are around. And always make sure the gas is not leaking. Because if by chance someday the gas starts leaking through the cylinder or if you forgot to turn the stove off it can lead to an accident. For example, the gas starts to leak in a room and if somebody switches on the lights the cylinder can blast.

Benefits of Induction Cooktop

Environment Friendly

Cooking releases a lot of heat and energy, specifically, the gas stove releases a lot of heat and energy because it is released from two places: first from the cooking food and second from the burning flame of the stove. Whereas in induction the heat and energy are only released from the cooking food.

Modern Technology

The induction cooktops are produced with the help of modern technology, consequently, they have more modern features compared to gas stoves. What you have to do is, touch or tap any button after that it will handle all the work automatically. But this automation requires electricity for cooking. Cooking food on induction is one of the fastest cooking methods as it involves the fast movement of electrons.

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning an induction is much easier than cleaning a gas stove. You can always keep your induction clean and hygienic almost every time after you use it because it cools downs quickly. You can wipe it with a piece of cloth.

Safe To Use

As you already know the consequences of fuel leakage, while cooking in induction it doesn’t involve such risks as it only requires electricity. It is the best and the safest option if you have kids or pets around. Both the pan and the burner cools down fast once it is turned off.

Easy Control

As we have told before, an induction cooktop is manufactured with the help of new technology. That’s why so many setting options are provided in an induction cooktop and by using these options or buttons one can easily control it. It allows being more precise to control. One can easily control it, and save the time.

Drawbacks of Induction Cooktop 


Using induction on a daily basis is still a growing technology. Therefore it is available in the market but is expensive for most of us. Also what adds more to it is you need to buy separate utensils with felt back to cook on them.

Electricity Interruption

The biggest drawback of an Induction cooktop is that you cannot cook if the power goes off. In this case, gas stove cooking can be the saviour. For example, if have organised a dinner party at home and you are preparing for it and suddenly the power goes off. In this case, you could not do anything.

Makes A Noise

Every time you are cooking on an induction it makes a buzzing sound. This sounds dependent upon the cookware. If you use a lighter stainless steel pan it makes louder noise but if you use heavier iron pans it will make less noise.

Special Utensils

Some people observe that the heating is localized and mostly happens at the center of the utensil. This makes it important to put the right-sized utensil on an induction cook-top and oversized ones should not be used.

Therefore, one of the major drawbacks of an induction stove is that flat bottomed utensils are required to use while cooking on it. This can be a headache since most consumers do not use these special utensils, so you will have to purchase a few utensils when setting up your induction stove.

In case of gas stoves, you can use almost any type of utensils to cook.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is induction stove power consumption?

On an average the power consumption of an induction cooktop is somewhere between 1500 watts to 3000 watts, which is way higher than majority of the household appliances.

Can we prefer gas stove over induction cooktop?

Yes, if you are a person who has a family with 5-6 members, then gas stove is the best cooking device for you.

What is the average life expectancy of an induction cooktop?

The average life expectancy of an induction cooktop is half of gas stoves which is around 7-8 years.

Does induction cooking need special utensils?

Yes, you will have to use flat bottom steel or iron (ferromagnetic) utensils to cook efficiently on the induction stove

What is the average life expectancy of a gas stove?

The average life expectancy of a gas stove is 15 years. They are durable and developed for long time usage. Hence, you can use them for long years.

Are gas stoves more expensive than induction stove?

No, if we see induction stove vs gas stove, then we will get that the gas stove are not expensive than induction stove. In a gas stove, you can get almost all the premium cooking features at low price.

What are the types of a gas stove with induction?

There are some of the gas stoves which have the same properties like induction stove which are Electric Stoves and Gas Ranges.

How much does a gas stove cost?

A gas stove is cost around 2K-8K depending on the features. More features mean more price.

What is an induction stove price in India?

An induction stove price is around 2K-5K in India. But as we know that they requires some special type of utensils to cook. So, you will have to purchase the induction stove cookware. Now, if we calculate the final price of induction stove, then it is around 5K-8K.


Now, we hope that you have know all the gas stove pros and cons as well as induction cooktop pros and cons. We have discussed all the differences between gas stove and induction stove.

We are sure that now you can easily choose the best cooking appliance for your home. Both, gas stove and induction cooktop are good to use. It depends on you how you look for one during cooking.

We have done our work by doing in-depth comparison between both of these cooking devices. Now, your work is to share this guide to your friends and family. And, if you have any doubt in your mine, then do comment. We will solve your problem, as soon as possible.

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